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Monday May 23

Essential viewing.

Adam Curtis blog

edinburgh gig archive

An utter goldmine of ephemera and memories covering Edinburgh’s music venues and record shops from the 20c.

Kurt Cobain in a Nicholson street bar? David and Angie Bowie living with Lindsay Kemp at the top of Stockbridge? Oh yes.

edinburgh gig archive

I vividly remember seeing Alien at the Odeon in Clerk Street in 1979, so this wee ad just cut through the years. Below, a pic of the ticket queue for the Beatles in Morrison street, appearing at the ABC on Lothian road in 1964.

Fire Island facebook page

images from Edinburgh Gig Archive

This Is England – one nation under sky

I like the English to be English. I like the Welsh to be Welsh. I like the Irish to be Irish. And the Bretons, and the Angolans, and the Brazilians, themselves.

New York is a melting pot but you’ll notice most keep their identities proud and loud. But the mass media wants us all to be the same and think the same, achieved through a narrowing of the channels of mass communication.

In the light of the post above on Tim Hetherington, someone who successfully documented issues that politicians rathered we weren’t aware of, this may sound contradictory. But then maybe murdoch thinks we’re never going to have harmony in diversity, and so the ultimate solution is one world under sky – and anything untoward gets removed, at a price. One benevolent dictator controlling both politicians and plebs.

Dennis Potter talks premonition-sense from the grave and Dave n’ Nick need to be ashamed, again, over the incestuous merger of bskyb and sky.

Barbara Morgan : Hearst over the people : 1938


Getting close now to a finishing tape for Edinburgh FromZtoA.

There are 5 Platonic solids and a sixth shape which is impossible.

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