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momus in athens

The quasi-scottish pop-renegade, now based in Osaka, has been in Athens (the city that is ironically progenitor and stand-in, understudy, the stunt-single for Auld Greekie) and curious it is.

A parallel programme on R4 last week (at 13:20, Kate Adie introducing Malcolm Brabant in Athens) also identified this Greek stepping-stone to somewhere better, Frascati-Tiber or Blue Nun-Danube or London Botanicals, Hogarth-Thames. An eternal clearing-ground for the idealistic immigrant at the unter-face of east/west/home’s best. But the Lime becomes so very caustic, the further north-west you go.

And now the person himselves is appearing at a scottish art school near you, soon. Friday 18th, GSA, from 5:30pm. Be there or, just get on with your life, it won’t change anything – will it. Will it.

simple minds album cover / Parthenon imomus

synse : visual app

Paris at night remade as sequencer visual – kinda crude musically but something very new to soundscape apps, and thoughtfully done.

visual complexity

magazines and iPad

This video summarises the thought processes involved in re-creating a magazine in a new way. That’s as in a new way since Caxton.

As an alternative, sure, to the print edition – but this is so immersive. Here’s Jack Schulze from BERG London, elucidating on the process.

Mag+ live with Popular Science+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

By the way, it seems the 3G iPad is the one to go for… saving already for UK launch.

Catch more of Jack at the Horizonless Manhattan Project.


For every modern-era decade since probably the James Watt-refined Newcomen engine, there’s been a single functional object that’s defined culture for that time.

And these objects have mostly been met with either outright hostility or deep cynicism (as evidenced in the “it’s rubbish” vitriol coming from many comment posts in the online broadsheet tech sections today). So yes, iPad is no different in that some people won’t see the possibilities, instead seeing ways in which it compacts, rather than expands experience; or actually erodes those cultural values it seeks to enhance and liberate. Some see the reverse.

Jobs says Apple are “at the intersection of technology and liberal arts (sic)”. This is more true than most give Apple credit for – in terms of intelligence and aesthetics Apple are years if not a decade in front of what are effectively standard washing-machine tech companies like Nokia or Sony, with their creative focus on the proliferation of confusing, wasteful, constantly-changing product lines that essentially change nothing. And it’s not as if Apple are using necessarily better components – it’s the attitude that makes the products so pleasing (here’s a little reminder of what a Blue Meanies world looks like).

So for once, it’s the tech audience who don’t get it. It’s not the limitations of the device – no multitasking, no camera – it’s the fact that it’s the first to fully utilise the most sensitive part of the human body – the fingertips.

iPad might still be Job’s SS Great Britain, but who in 2110 will likely revere the Kindle DX as touchstone for a revolution?

With apologies to Yellow Pages Let your Fingers do the Walking…


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