believe in better (hurrah the butter is unbelievable)

Seen on a Sky TV 48-sheet somewhere in Greenock from the 906 bus, believe in better is the total corporate statement.

It is firstly plusgood – fascination with fussball and celebratrons is normal – The People’s Choice. Secondly, there is conjugal entropy implicit – advertising and lowest common denominator make good sofacitizens, sliding down the back like forgotten pennies and the remains of carelessly-oven’d pizzas (and that is precisely where they want you – pinned down by obesity, eyes forward, remote and card at the ready).

A day later than later, believe in better still pings me around the pinball plane, but in ways thankfully the cool dudes at Sky (hold the Sky – peeps like these are driving all this) have unforseen. BiB is the media equivalent of holocaust denial done daily on a daily basis…

…yeah, hey, like (adopting TBlair patois) we know that statement is, like, utterly devoid of moral traction, BUT… y’know, we, BELIEVE it brings a solution that IF repeated oft enough WILL achieve (grips podium, slight pause) IT’S aims… no, really, ha ha : : – we feed YOU, uh, 5-minute slices of filler, you SHUT up and, er, ACCEPT the 8-minute collateral cultural AND societal shrapnel. Um, OK? Yeah, think that worked. Uh… who am I? I shattered all your dreams, did I not?

Some continue with the delusion that x-factor is infantile, EastEnders a highly damaging psychological influence saturation-broadcast to keep the majority of us labratted sofasaps, constantly fighting plasma ghosts rather than the reality of present times. This time around, there is no solidarity in the valleys, no Jarrow. But it is The Peoples’ Choice not to see. And so the strategy is brandengineering; pluralisation; dilution of difference – happy little-voice bunnies one and all, endlessly needing a little help with our groceries. Still confused/frustrated/angry? Easy – get on those Daily Mail comment boards – it’s what they’re there for.

Now, what happens when we have to discern, quickly, the difference between truth and “truth”? What and who will we choose? Diana or Jessica? (guys you can have that gameshow concept for gratis).

image : John Heartfield : Hurray, the butter is gone

john heartfield hurrah all the butter is gone