Leos Carax / Bowie

It’s all happening again in France, caught between the old (europe) and new (african) worlds – the Foreign Legion is back in another pointless escapade amidst the sand dunes and natural resource honeypots.

This french madeleine is associated in my mind with the cover of P C Wren’s Beau Geste and further recalled through the research of Scriabin (and Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and the russian symbolists / Der Blaue Reiter I’ve been attempting to make graphic design from in my other life.

Juliette Binoche is the source for the Dervla in the first chapter of Edinburgh Psychogeography. I see this person occasionally coming in the opposite direction at hope and bothwell with a smile on her face but she studiously ignores me – maybe someday we can play the mystic chord at each other in some Karen Carpenter-inspired interplanetary telepath.