BBC4 : Rosslyn + Norman MacCaig

Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure in Stone is narrated by the academic Helen Rosslyn – well she should know this one. Looks like she’s also doing a series on the Normans which makes sense as there is a strong connection with the french in the rosslyn/St Clar family. BBC4 60min film here

I’ll be doing something about the Glasgow Cathedral connection she mentions shortly – impressed by a new visit recently, with a quick recce round the Necropolis for auld time’s sake. (person who dropped the Fuji Neopan Acros 35mm film canister near the John Knox column – contact me here)

Norman MacCaig is the subject of a Billy Connolly biopic, upcoming soon on BBC4. I usually bypass these filet-o-cunningham “macho pertyck guys with sandy bell beer paunches wi’ fiddles an’ greying ponytails” big-up their mates, but this one might be OK seeing as it’s about the normal for a scottish poet MacCaig – the presenters go in search of Norm’s not-quite-hemingway marlin-del-scota in a wester-coaster shangri-la lochan in a hanging valley.

image below bbc4 screen shot : Rosslyn chapel roof couple