ray moore, photographer

Raymond Moore was a photographer who inspired and encouraged a generation of UK photography students throughout the 70s and 80s. Moore was the person who had the most influence on me in terms of photography. Looking again at Murmurs at every turn and Every so often, his two main monographs, I know I was not wrong in seeing the value of his understated work, and where that has led me to today.

He is mostly unknown now – his archive at Sothebys is still unavailable. A small number of people continue to appreciate his work though, and a big new exhibition and hopefully new publication of Moore for a new audience is surely coming.

His visual approach also puts him at the centre of English psychogeographers of the 20c, Moore using photography as medium to uncover place. His influences – from the Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen, to staying with Minor White in the US, made him one of the most informed UK photographers at a time when photography was seen as either a second-rate artistic medium or a form of journalism.

You can discover Moore at Weeping Ash, which also links to other articles on him and his wife, Mary Moore Cooper.

image from Every so often monograph, 1984

Minor White’s Mirrors Messages Manifestations