the devils plantation

Not many psychogeography projects win baftas (interactive category, 2010).

If you have not already done so, may I just remind everyone again with an interest in Glasgow and/or psychogeography to go straight here – allow plenty time to explore this original work from visionary filmmaker May Miles Thomas, a filmmaker on a par I believe with Patrick Keiller.

It’s a brilliantly remarkable achievement – there are very few things I say that about. I’m glad I’m still alive to have seen this answer and resolution to Harry Bell’s thoughts on glasgow’s topographical mysteries. Original review is here. The whole construct is leavened by a very dry sense of humour, of course; MMT being a bit gallus… ballsy… awesome…

Flash development and online projector by the hugely talented producer Owen Thomas

help with navigation
I’ve added some crude screenshots below to help with starting off – the navigation is purposely enigmatic at first, but not difficult once the method is worked out. Part of the enjoyment is discovering the twin narratives in a non-linear way, so sorry in advance to those who are happy with puzzles – don’t look below!

A final point – the west of scotland landscape the story and films play over is vast and hypnotic – 2-3 hrs will pass before you realise the time. You can save your place though, at any location. Once you have visited all 66 locations, things… um… change – it’s worth the journey!