pearl river megaopolis : burns nicht

42 million souls in one region/county means the worlds’ biggest urban conurbation within the next few years, centred on Guangzhou (Canton to us westies).

Twice the size of Wales or Israel – but no name yet. Industrial revolution Chinese-style (they invented it) but with 1000x (guess) the amount of people compared to say Manchester in the early 19c.

All dependant on us buying yet more tat and trinkets – Dirty British Coaster with a salt caked smoke stack.

Most cities rise and die, or become fossilised, like Rome or Jerusalem. 4000 yr old Chinese cities though, seem simply to re-invent themselves and move on, without the religious conflict (I’m not saying the cultural revolution was a proper vehicle for change though).

But this is Tenko, Empire of the Sun, Apocalypse Now, The King and I, Bridge on the River Kwai and Eric Liddle still to many of us. Go refresh yourselves on googlemaps at the surrounding area. It’s a remarkable environment – forget London or New York, it’s much more complex than Long Island or Chatham, Berlin or Brussels.

The Chinese are still really pissed off at the Opium Wars and I’ve added some of that into Edinburgh fromZtoA. After all, the profits from the drug trade did rebuild Holyrood Palace – it’s alluded to in the painted ceiling of Charles’ bedroom. And DeQuincey and Holmes (allegedly) would have been struggling for muses without poppymilk… all Burns had was alcohol and misogyny.

The past catches up eventually – karma-phala