momus in athens

The quasi-scottish pop-renegade, now based in Osaka, has been in Athens (the city that is ironically progenitor and stand-in, understudy, the stunt-single for Auld Greekie) and curious it is.

A parallel programme on R4 last week (at 13:20, Kate Adie introducing Malcolm Brabant in Athens) also identified this Greek stepping-stone to somewhere better, Frascati-Tiber or Blue Nun-Danube or London Botanicals, Hogarth-Thames. An eternal clearing-ground for the idealistic immigrant at the unter-face of east/west/home’s best. But the Lime becomes so very caustic, the further north-west you go.

And now the person himselves is appearing at a scottish art school near you, soon. Friday 18th, GSA, from 5:30pm. Be there or, just get on with your life, it won’t change anything – will it. Will it.

simple minds album cover / Parthenon imomus