lockerbie synopsis

A synopsis of the facts so far, with current ideas on conclusions. Only really for those with an interest in the controversies surrounding PanAm Flight 103 and its relevance to Scotland. A psychogeographic viewpoint on Lockerbie and the surrounding area is here

3 July 1988

USS Vincennes “mistakes” an Iranian Airbus A300 on a regular climbing flightpath for an Iranian F-14 Tomcat on descending attack, and destroys the Airbus.

Talk about shoot first, ask questions later. Funny they can’t discriminate, on a ship with state of the art systems, between their own american-designed-and-built 2-seater fighter, and a 4x-the-size costa del sol 266-seat sardine tin?

The Captain of the Vincennes is tragi-ironically named Will Rogers III. Will Rogers, the quintissential Hollywood Cowboy, died in an air fatality. Yee-ha – WTF, let’s give Rogers III a Legion of Merit anyway said Goofy’s father, G H. W. Bush.

Sadly, I do think a mistake was made by Captain William C. Rogers III – no-one in their right mind wants to shoot down a civilian aircraft. But the incident does expose American belligerence and arrogance at its worst.

Regardless of the “mistake”… 290 innocent people are murdered.

21 December 1988

PanAm Flight 103 is destroyed by a pressure-activated bomb, very likely planted at Heathrow after a baggage area break-in, and falls on the town of Lockerbie in southern Scotland, only airminutes away from greater Glasgow and possibly thousands dead. Ironically, the just-airminutes-away town from Lockerbie, Motherwell, is the home of Terex – manufacturer of trucks converted to missile launchers and sold to Iraq by the UK government just before the 1990-91 Gulf war.

259 onboard and 11 Lockerbie residents are murdered.

31 January 2001

After 13 years, Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi, a Libyan agent, is convicted of the bombing at Camp Zeist, a specially-built Scottish overseas neutral court in the Netherlands.

The evidence for his conviction at Camp Zeist continues to be shrouded in doubt. The role that the CIA played – in one scenario, allegedly wiping out the Flight 103 military passenger / whistleblowers, who were going to tell all about the CIA’s drug-smuggling blind-eye in return for intelligence on middle-east hostages – and then the large sums paid to get witnesses to testify against Megrahi – are just two of the several problems surrounding the conviction.

20 August 2009

al-Megrahi is released from Greenock Prison by Justice Secretary Kenneth MacCaskill on, er, “compassionate grounds”.

Most people with some inkling regarding the apparently-inconclusive narrative realise immediately that:
A al-Megrahi’s innocence is finally recognised – otherwise we wouldn’t be releasing him, on any grounds, for such an atrocity, would we…
B WE GET OIL OIL OIL IN RETURN!!!! (oops – did I just say that out loud?)
C Gaddaffi gets Megrahi back, gets a tacit agreement from the west to stop blaming him, and the lifting of UN sanctions on Libya as long as the west can get at Libya’s oil reserves.

Much celebration as the Saltire is waved in Tripoli when Megrahi returns, and Kenny n’ Gordon cross their fingers and pray whilst feigning disgust at Gaddaffi giving the finger, despite reassurances there would be no triumphalism… Basically everyone at the top knew Megrahi was not the bomber and despite strenuous denial from the Scottish political/legal camp and backed up by Gordon Brown, this was simply a sop to Gaddaffi in exchange for BP, et al, to start further oil exploration. It was also a crystal-clear indication that Westminster is still pulling Scottish Parliament strings.

Use the Union, Kenny… the Union is strong with this one…

Those US politicians who got angry at Kenny MacCaskill is evidence they’re aware there’s a lot to lose and that’s why the US position has always been to insist it was the Libyans.

However, with the families of the victims, there still remains two opposing viewpoints – those who continue to believe Megrahi and Libya were to blame, and those who dismiss Libyan involvement.

April 2011

Several people, very likely, are now wanting Gaddafi out of the way before he has the chance to spill the beans. Except they’ll get European, not US fighters (the US have scaled back Libyan operations) to drop the missiles this time, just to distance themselves from the Reagan years…

Conclusion option 1 – highly probable

The Iranians blew up Clipper Maid of the Seas, via Palestinian terrorist Abu Elias (a possible US double agent), as US-agreed payback for the Vincennes’ attack on the Iranian civilian Airbus (Libya’s role – and there very likely was a role – is still unclear). The US didn’t want their then-ally Iran, with Syria, upset (perhaps not so much ally, more devil-you-know at this point), as it would have affected their plans for Saddam, culminating in the Gulf War of 1991. The CIA then helped instigate a cover-up (…perhaps under the codename “eye for an eye”?) blaming the Libyans – with the full knowledge of the UK government. And Gaddaffi got his chance to be both western pariah and Arab hero – win win for him, whatever the cost in reparations he was forced into giving.

Conclusion option 2 – not so probable
The CIA were running a heroin supply route to the US in exchange for middle east intelligence. Those CIA operatives on Flight 103 were going to deliver an Oliver North-type scandal, and had to be stopped. The insinuation here is that it was the CIA who blew up Flight 103 in a bid to protect the flow of information east to west. The scapegoat was Libya, in the shape of Megrahi – perhaps also chosen as UK payback for Libya’s close involvement with the IRA.

Why George Galloway dislikes Gaddaffi

A very good question, seeing as Gaddaffi effectively took the rap for the middle-men Palestinian terrorists. What irks Galloway is that Gaddaffi became Iscariot, spending the EU/UK oil deal “reward” on profligate dictatorship and private UK schooling/Ferraris for his kids (who seem to share a certain ambivalence for the old desert fox), whilst his people starved, having effectively paid in poverty for the sanctions and reparations to the victim’s families. That’s why Galloway has dismissed Gaddaffi as an Arab traitor. You see, in George’s world, even if you’re as nasty as the Holocaust-denying Ahmadinejad, if you’ve got grass-roots working-class support, and are against intellectuals, that’s kudos. Gaddaffi is seen as just another arab playboy, spending his money in Bond Street rather than supporting an anti-capitalist, Islamic socialist revolution against the Great Devil Amerika and its puppet in the region, the evil Zionist Mudbloods.

That’s Fred Goodwin off the hook then, for the downfall of western civilisation…
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