govanhill baths

As a past longtime resident of Dixon avenue, and now rather bizzarely working with a client on Garturk street 10 seconds away from my old bedsit, Govanhill pool and washhouse (steamie) on Calder street, Govan, is one of the local Glasgow / Edinburgh campaigns I regularly follow.

Not much has changed in the 10 years since it shut – but a renewed 2011 campaign will hopefully see the baths restored at last.

Rather than investing in cctv, maybe Glasgow city council would be better restoring this local health-giving facility (there’s a modern pool not too further north in the Gorbals, but that serves a different community area).

In my view, you can’t have enough opportunities to safely splash about in water. What, for goodness sake, were Glasgow city council going to do with this community-focused, beautifully-designed, purpose-built swimming pool anyway? Sell it to some shady developer who would knock it down and then plant crummy flimsy shoebox flats on the footprint?

Ah… silly me…

Govanhill Baths
Centre for Community Practice
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dalry baths edinburgh – a similar-vintage Edinburgh local pool still in use

momus has an interesting reminisce about the citizens theatre, not far away