fleet street – shit creek

The long-acknowledged coarsening of british culture by the news of the world and its associated papers/competitors-in-flatulence, like the daily mail, should not, I hope, turn into a witch-hunt of “it was him/her Chief Constable, honest, I’m an upstanding MP who only welcomed them into my own home because I felt sorry for them, and anyway we can still fire you / make you resign even though you’re a brother freemason,” allegedly said Boris.

The essence of justice is “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone” – UK politicians are in a very rocky place ironically, being positioned to question NI – they will throw those stones and they aren’t without sin, perhaps not individually but without doubt collectively, same as NI executives.

Hugely ironic – like foxes questioning foxes on who killed the chickens. Me M’Lud? Oh no, I simply ask the questions, my culpability-via-association in all this is – uh – academic (wipes mouth of blood and gristle).

But we are also collectively guilty perhaps of naivety to the reality of politics… both those who have always mistrusted Murdoch, alongside those who have allied with him in all awareness, in this vicarious torturing now of the hated Corporation… this sense of revenge, with smell of scapegoat to hand.

So there needs to be care taken. Let’s hope these right honourable elected first citizens haven’t forgotten the trouble over Dr David Kelly – let’s hope… there are no casualties in this round of media-political truth-averse farces, all of which will blow over soon enough anyway with snouts-in-troughs in Farmer Cameron’s field of Symbiotics… until the next shit-fan.

Suddenly, 30 years later, the Daily Torygraph get it. (Although, as a Maxwell Murdoch Barclay Bros paper, a bit of schadenfreude is in evidence…)

Jon Stewart there… what are the chances of that happening… (er, not, in the UK).