waiting for your taxi

As I’m using public transport exclusively and expensively these days, I am taking time to note the soundscape of street and station, snatched conversations, odd bass notes on the distant peripheral of hearing and the sound of wind and rain on objects. A heightened awareness of sound is one of the six methods I use in the PsyGeo guides – look out for sound images from Glasgow and Edinburgh soon.

The idea that sound could transport you in imagination as well as form part of the verite of the moment, came from here – in 1979, I bought Ian Dury’s album Do It Yourself and listened to it constantly. The track I kept coming back to was Waiting for your taxi, which is partly a recording of a snatched moment by the kerbside, enhanced by the sound of screeching taxi panned across stereo speakers. It is totally real; it’s not a sound effect scratched on a piece of plastic. Close your eyes and you really are on Kilburn High Road or Old Kent Road.

A new digital recorder is now definately on the card…

Do It Yourself album cover