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Edinburgh fromZtoA : a psychogeographic guide is the first book of its kind to the scottish capital (Glasgow’s alternative pioneer is covered here) due out in winter 2013. There are no ghost stories (reality is much more interesting), no top-10 must-sees. It prompts you instead to take a creative stance by simply engaging senses as well as mind. The guidebook is illustrated and photographed by the author, plus comes with maps and postcode gazetteer for mobileweb use.

who’s it for
The lost. The inquisitive. And especially those without a demographic.

some background narrative on what Edinburgh fromZtoA : a psychogeographic guide is all about
“…many of the insights in Edinburgh fromZtoA are original, yet they’re not from me. I’ll try and explain that. Some insights have of course come from just walking over old ground in new ways – well this is a guide that uses psychogeography… beneath this though, there is a layer that can speak if you use other forms of research – for me that is done by shifting basic known facts to new locations in time and space. So, for instance, the Duke of Wellington’s equestrian statue at the east end of Princes street (Waterloo is in Belgium) takes on different symbolisms if you realise that under the hoofs it marks the northern end of the A1 – the Great North Road – a vein straight to central London and beyond (Forth Thames Tiber Tigris Nile). And of course this statue is not a one-off – there are many other UK cities that doppleganger the Iron Duke. So the otherwise banal, meaningless photo-opportunity of horse and rider backgrounded against the Balmoral (previously the tellingly-named North British) hotel takes on a completely new creative and psychopolitical dimension. Actually you could write a book about just this one statue (the iron duke in bronze, by Steell) and its implications and meanings.

…this re-mixed research creates a palimpsest of newtruths/untruths/conjectures that disrupts the officially sanctioned tropes by feeding new, apparently unconnected facts into the mix. Now, coupling this reality with intuition and sense will hopefully remove preconceptions. Suddenly the city looks and feels very different. You begin to question everything.”

update July 2012
Edinburgh fromZtoA : a psychogeographic guide will be available to purchase shortly – click to receive a preview invite -

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