FromZtoA is a publishing imprint making books that explore city and hinterland using psychogeography / urban topography – a longstanding interest of the author.

about the author
I’m Edward Alexander, a photographer, writer and editorial designer. I am also commissioning editor for upcoming titles in the PsyGeoGuides series.

I am available for articles on psychogeography / urban political. If you’d like to discuss, please email me here.

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Original content formed from walking explorations centred at the moment on Edinburgh and Glasgow. I also feature topographic and cultural articles on city and hinterland from writers, makers and artists past and present.

Material on this site by FromZtoA is available under a creative commons License. All other content from third parties, either referred to or illustrated, is the property of the named individual/entity and is credited as such.

Edinburgh fromZtoA : a psychogeography guide is now available to pre-order as a 248pp download. Join the mailing list below if you’d like to be one of the first to read.

from Z to A is a scotland-based psychogeography and urban topography magazine featuring creative, critical, playful urban journeys

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